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The last website of the week was Symbaloo. Symbaloo is a customizable homepage. I highly recommend for google users. Symbaloo allows people to use google as well as customizable icons as shortcuts. Visit Symbaloo here.


"On one side of the ring we have the iPhone 6, one of the most anticipated phone releases of 2014 has finally come out. On the other side we have the Oneplus One debuted as the flagship killer... Which one will come out on top?"

OnePlus One

You probably haven't heard of this phone. But for those who don't know about this phone the Oneplus One has great specs fora a relatively inexpensivee price. It has a 5.5 inch screen with a 401 pixel density display. It boasts a powerful 3 gigabytes of RAM and a 2.5 gigahertz processor. These specs are comparable to the Nexus 6 and Droid Turbo, which put this phone in competition with other powerhouses. The 13 megapixel camera is decent but the pictures are noisy and often look like they have been taken in movement or in a hurry. One of the peculiar things about this phone lies in the way it was marketed. The only way you can get one is if you get an invitation. Invitations can only be given out by people who have the phone already. This marketing strategy is genius because even thought the phone is nearing 6 months since its release the spark is still alive.

iPhone 6 regular

The most widely marketed phone has come again this time with two phones. The iPhone 6 is a spec monster like the One Plus One but it has a certain charm that makes it a considerable contender in today's smartphone market. It has only a gigabyte of RAM and its processor is yesterday's technology. Its camera, although only 8 megapixels, is where it stands out. Apple uses gyroscopic stabilization to incorporate almost instantaneous auto-focus, which definitely shows in pictures taken in the night and while moving. IOS, the operating system of apple devices, has improved as well. Widgets, third party keyboards, and other features Android users have had for years have now been utilized in the latest IOS 8. 


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